60th Birthday celebrations: Marty likes to Party: Camp Orchards

It seems that birthday parties only get more fun as you get older. Martin celebrated his 60th birthday in style, thanks to his amazing wife for organizing such an awesome party. The decor was stunning and the food delicious. The wine flowed and the friends laughed while sharing stories of Martin’s younger years.

Here are a few of my favorite images from Martin’s party. Thank you to Sarah Colle for co-ordinating this celebration at Camp Orchards in Hillcrest.

Rusti & Craig: The Windmills Boutique Hotel: KZN Midlands

Wow – what a wedding this was! Rusti & Craig’s wedding has got to be one of the most festive, loud, fun, bride wearing the highest heels, dance filled party of the wedding season. I thoroughly enjoyed photographing their wedding. The guys were raucous and the girls were pretty and Rusti looked hot in her amazing wedding dress. I loved the colour of Rusti’s lipstick, Craig’s shoes and the beautiful orchids.

Thank you Rusti & Craig for being so much fun and for having such loud friends:) I had a ball! Here are a few of my favourite photos from Rusti & Craig’s wedding at the Windmills.

Wedding: Paul & Chanel: Camp Orchards

Paul & Chanel’s wedding was such a festive celebration, with friends and family traveling from far to witness their union at Camp Orchards in Hillcrest.. Even their four legged friends got dressed up – I just loved their dogs’ bow-ties… I so enjoyed photographing this wedding. There were so many beautiful things to photograph, people smiling, laughing, dancing, gorgeous decor, a beautiful bride and a good looking groom. I hope these photos capture some awesome memories of a magical day that was Paul & Chanel’s wedding.

Thank you Paul & Chanel for letting me do my thing. Here are a few of my faourite images from Paul & Chanel’s wedding at Camp Orchards in Hillcrest.

Wedding: Lorraine & Arjan: Prince’s Grant

Lorraine & Arjan’s wedding took place at Prince’s Grant, north of Durban, on a beautiful warm sunny day on the beach surrounded by friends and family who had travelled across continents to share this special day with them. Their three boys lead her bridal party down the aisle. (Wow. Lorraine, you looked amazing!) Her eldest son kept telling her how beautiful she looked while she was having her make up done. It was quite apparent after spending the day with this adventurous couple that Arjan loves Lorraine, he gets her.

Here are some of my favourite images from Lorraine & Arjan’s wedding.