Rebecca’s 3rd Ballet Party

I cannot believe it is already April 5th, March has come and gone and I actually survived. It has been one of my busiest months and it was Rebecca’s 3rd birthday. I did not plan well this year as I didn’t take a week end off to have her party, so I got back at [...]


I’m sitting here waiting for emails to download, the washing machine to finish, and trying to get my head around what needs to be done today. We got back from a short family holiday last night, after spending a few days at The Estuary down in Port Edward. It was so wonderful! It feels so [...]

Iheartfaces challenge: Beautiful eyes

Tonight I thought I would attempt something new and enter a photo of Rebecca in the iHeartfaces challenge… From my bed, while on the iPad. So let’s see if I can do this – it’s just really too cold to get up and go into my office.


Rebecca’s two year old portraits

I’ve given up setting aside time to actually photograph Rebecca, so I just grabbed my camera and captured some pics of her while she was playing silly games sliding off our bed and avoiding having her toes chewed by Mojo’s sharp little teeth…

Rebecca at 2 years