Real gorgeous Wedding photos

Well I’ve been swooning over these wedding photos of this amazing couple for days and I had my blog post all written out in my head, but now come time to write it I cannot remember what I wanted to say about this bride and groom.  I’m not even going to waste any more of my energy trying to remember I’ll just show you these beautiful images of real people, showing real emotion which makes for real gorgeous wedding photos.  :)

The venue: Netherwood farm – highly recommend this venue – beautiful, well run, friendly staff – awesome vibe!

Read the label carefully on their wedding favors – the men all got a little bag of “padkos” with biltong while the ladies a jar of jam! Delightful – just love the line “Spread the Love”! & Est. 2004

This is what the back looked like :)

Oh I think I’m beginning to develop a thing for bathrooms… :) This next image is taken in the ladies bathroom at Netherwood on a high ISO… *LOVE* it!

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