The Duboirs Kerryn & Samuel’s Wedding PART 2

Kerryn and Samuel’s wedding at the Duboirs was beautiful. There was such beautiful light down by the river and we had ample time to shoot away. Kerryn was a very organized bride, everything happened according to schedule and it felt like we floated along on a romantic cloud while watching this happy couple celebrate with friends and family. Samuel’s family had come all the way from Sweden and they brought with them some wonderful traditions. You’ll see in the photos, ladies kissing Samuel and gents kissing Kerryn. This happened when either one of them weren’t in the room, and the other was sitting unattached at the table! Every time someone tapped their glass with a spoon, the married couple had to kiss. This saw Samuel running backwards and forwards to Kerryn quite a few times during the evening. Well enough from me – here’s PART 2 of Kerryn and Samule’s wedding at the Duboirs in Hillcrest.

In this next image, Samuel is presenting the “Labola” to his father-in-law in the form of small plastic cows. In the Zulu tradition a groom will pay “Labola” to the father of the bride. The father of the bride usually decides on the number of cows, depending on how valuable the bride is… Not sure when the negotiations took place.

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