I'm slipping up

I'm slipping up

I hate to admit it but I’m slipping up with my Photo-a-Day challenge.  I was doing so well, but then life happens… I must be more disciplined and procrastinate less.  These images come from my garden during midday while I was worrying whether or not Rebecca was going to eat some seeds because they looked like raisins – her newest taste sensation.


  • Jeanette

    18.03.2010 at 18:53 Reply

    LOL but you’re doing so well.
    To get going again, why don’t you join some blog challenges. It’ll get you thinking. Let me know if you want me to send you some links… that’ll also get other people commenting.

  • admin

    19.03.2010 at 10:23 Reply

    Thanks Jeanette- I’d love some challenges. Pls send the links! Thank u

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