About Me

I am Eileen Laubscher, BrightGirl Photography.

I Love Photography

I’m a creative photographer. I mostly photograph people. I love people watching. I get to watch brides beautify themselves and anxious grooms wait for their new missus… First time moms and dads amazed at their tiny creations, families with bonds so strong that I understand blood is thicker than water. I love it. I love meeting new people. If you’d like to meet me send me an email. I’m always up for sitting somewhere interesting and sipping coffee and watching people go by. I am based in Westville, Durban and I love road trips and traveling to new places. I will photograph you anywhere you want me to!

My Services

Real people, real moments, real emotions –  real photographs.

  • Weddings
    • I love being a part of the wedding day. Sharing in the excitement, offering to reach for the dress hanging up high, or tucking in labels, adjusting veils and making couples laugh. I love capturing real emotions behind real moments. Photographing the day as it happens and often sharing the joy with you and your family, I may even shed a tear or two…

  • Family
    • I don’t say “cheese”. Cheese is for my toasted sandwiches when I have to cook. Be real – children laugh, children cry. These are the real moments I look for while spending some fun time with you and your family. I love my family & I know you’ll love yours more when you go through the photos from your shoot with me.

  • Maternity
    • I wish I had booked a maternity shoot when I was pregnant with my babies. That loving feeling can never be re-created or the amount of love for your newborn bottled up, but real moments captured in photographs will definitely remind you of them. I love photographing moms to be and chatting away about what to expect and then sharing the morning with you and your newborn, discussing breastfeeding, husbands, love and cuddling teeny tiny babes. Real feelings, lots of love and beautiful pics.