Bath Time

Bath Time

I was so saddened when I read Jules Morgan’s blog this evening.  I admire her strength.  She has been in my thoughts often.  She writes “This experience has emphasized to me exactly how important photos are – at the end of the day they really are the only thing that you have left over.”  My heart sinks.

I suddenly thought about Rebecca and how I have recorded her 1st year of life.  I often aspire to take beautiful studio shots of her, and plan my lighting set up, but then as life unravels I never get around to it and months go by before I take a photo of her.  So I have decided that I will simply “record” her life and capture real moments.  Real moments for her, God Willing, to look back on and know that she was loved and adored and treasured.


  • Jeanette

    11.03.2010 at 21:32 Reply

    It’s the saddest thing ever 🙁
    Love the photo for today, and you’re very right, which is why I have so many photos of my boys playing

  • Vanessa

    12.03.2010 at 04:04 Reply


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