Babylonstoren adventures


When work becomes play and play becomes work and you’re able to take your family with you on your photographic expeditions to Cape Town, and time allows for fun and adventures at Babylonstoren, you just do it! I was in Cape town last month to photograph a wedding at Cavalli Wine Estate in Stellenbosch and while we were staying in Franschhoek I knew we had to visit Babylonstoren. This was a beautiful place I had only ever seen while scrolling through other wedding photographers’ blogs of all the beautiful weddings they had photographed at Babylonstoren. I also knew that they were well known for their delicious food. This was the deciding factor for Nick, as he is a foodie and cooks better then most restaurants we visit. Thankfully we got a last minute booking and made our way to Babylonstoren. We were welcomed with such friendly accommodating staff at Babel. The waitress waited patiently for my children to decide what they wanted to eat and drink – this can take ages as they have also become little foodies and a little fussy. Mid way through our breakfast and our table had begun to look like a scientific experiment, with beakers and steam swirling around. It was a delicious experiment of tasting new things and laughing together.


This was the first day of our holiday that I had taken my big camera with me and I am so glad I did! Here are some pics from our adventures at Babylonstoren, walking through the beautiful gardens, showing the children the grapes on the vines, and running, jumping and skipping. We spent a delightful morning at Babylonstoren.



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