Family wedding: Lisa & Clayton: Wilderness, Garden route

23 January 2020


Family weddings are the best and I know all weddings are about family – but this wedding involved my family in the Western Cape, at the most beautiful little place in Wilderness along the Garden route, so yes, family weddings are the best!

Whilst preparing for her wedding I asked my cousin a few questions and she had said that she and her fiancé didn’t want to be stressed with little details, but rather wanted to focus on their friends and family and make sure everyone was having a good time. Well there were so many little details that caught my attention throughout the day – like the fact that she and her sister had made and sourced all the decor items and folded all the paper flowers, her mom made all the bridesmaids skirts, her jewellery box was a sentimental gift from her gran I think, oh and the succulents were from their garden!!

Lisa you looked so incredibly happy. I loved watched your eyes sparkle and hearing you laugh – even though it rained a little bit and it was a little bit cold – you were so happy and so content and so beautiful. Clayton, you scored big time! 🙂

After looking at the photos you can see for yourselves that everyone most definitely had a good time! Somethings are better left to the memory – I packed my gear in my camera bag and danced the night away at the best family wedding I ever went to:)