A farm wedding, like no other, in the beautiful lush landscape of KZN.

Love. Love was everywhere. I know it may sound so clichéd, but really it was. You could see it in the hard work and buckets of flowers that were all carried around by a smiling bride, laughing bridesmaids, willing family members and a beaming, proud mother of the bride.

It was raining when I arrived and it was raining when I left although no one really noticed or complained about all the rain, sure there was mud and umbrellas but at the end of this special day, Bridget and Shaun were married. I’d say that is a successful day!

I just want to tell you how incredible this bride is – ooh so much to share – but the best was watching her show her dad the beautiful four leafed clover on her wedding cake, the clover she had picked from her gran’s garden and pressed along with other flowers from her mum’s garden. Just beautiful…

Thank you Bridget and Shaun for making us feel so welcomed and part of the family, for serving us freshly made coffee and banana bread as you would do for your friends!!

wedding dress: https://www.britandbride.com