I’ve been thinking about all the changes that have taken place within the wedding industry and all these new types of ceremonies. The other day I came across the term – minimony (which is a mini ceremony). This got me thinking of all the intimate beautiful weddings I have photographed either at the couple’s home or in their parents’ back gardens.

A wedding at home? You might think no ways, but flip, these have been some authentic celebrations with their nearest and dearest and there was no rush and they were in the moment and loving all the extra time with their guests. A small guest list meant that the couples could spoil their favourite people with either a whole weekend away at their family home, or having the chef explain the meal he has prepared and personally served to the bride and groom and their friends under a canopy of sparkling fairy lights.

Some couples went big, although intimate and hired the best service providers and an awesome wedding planner and they had the best day ever. Another couple organised pretty much everything themselves from making flowers to setting the tables and they had the best day ever! 

I guess, it doesn’t matter where you have your wedding as long as you and your fiancé and by the end of the day, your husband, are happy and married and you too will have the best day ever!

These weddings both took place at home, I’ll leave you to decide for yourselves whether or not they had the best day ever!!