Camp Orchards Wedding: Clarissa & Marshall

Camp Orchards Wedding: Clarissa & Marshall

My heart is beating a little bit faster as I remember the beautiful day that Marshall married Clarissa at Camp Orchards. Not only was the day beautiful with warm sun and no rain, the flowers were gorgeous, their invites exquisite, her shoes – JIMMY CHOOS, her breathtakingly elegant dress, Marshall’s gold puma pin, their happy families, the delicious food, the beautiful little individual cakes gifted to each guest. The most beautiful part of the day, well for me anyways, was when I stole them away for some photos of just the two of them. I watched how they looked at each other, how their eyes sparkled and the corners of their mouths smiled so lovingly at each other even when they weren’t really smiling.


The quiet tenderness and awareness for each other. These two love and respect each other and always want the best for the other person. Such a beautiful couple both inside and out.  Wow – what a privilege for me to phtogoraph their day. Clarissa, you are stunning. And Marshal, your face, it says it all. You look like the happiest man alive.


Thank you for trusting me to do my thing. I loved photographing your special day. Here are some of my favourite images from Clarissa and Marshall’s wonderful wedding at Camp Orchards.




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