Cranford always delights as it seems that the couples who book me to photograph their weddings there are usually from oversees, coming back to SA to celebrate with friends and family and they just want the focus to be on catching up and having a good time. Well that’s exactly what these two did and more. They caught up, they laughed, they danced, they had a beer (or two or more – I wasn’t counting), ate the most delicious hamburgers with mates and just had a good time, dancing the night away.
Mel, you glowed. Beautiful and elegant and then so very funny with fists pumps and little things that Pascal just “got”. I loved watching you both and how you made everyone feel so special when they interacted with you. What a couple you are, with friends and family who love you dearly. Everything just happened with no stress and no one would’ve even know how many DIY elements there were or how you and your ladies randomly placed the flowers in the vases. It all looked perfect. And that seating board/stand/thingy with marquee bulbs that your dad MADE!!! LOVE.
What a day. Mel & Pascal, it felt like we were old friends, like I had so much to catch up with you when the truth was, that it was the first time we had met! I am so lucky you chose me to share in your day and photograph the memories. Thank you.