Cynthia & Reuben’s wedding at Thandana, was such a glamorous affair with so much attention to detail that the whole day was stress free and enjoyed to the max with much enjoyment and laughter shared with family and friends. I will always remember Cynthia as the bride who danced the most on her wedding day. She literally danced the day away. Dancing while getting into her dress, dancing down the aisle and then floating on cloud nine with her man during their creative shoot when it was just the two of them. Wow – Cynthia, you made such a beautiful bride!
I am so glad Cynthia found my details and enquired about my willingness to travel and to possibly shoot her wedding. What an honour, to witness their ceremony and enjoy such a beautiful day. Thank you Cynthia! I loved everything about your wedding day. The singing, the dancing, the happiness, the joy and the love.
Here are some of my favourite images from Cynthia and Reuben’s wonderful day, in Ladysmith at Thandana.