My friend, Cristina, a Bride…

My friend, Cristina, a Bride…

My friend, Cristina, a Bride… This is what I have been thinking this past week.  My friend Cristina who I have known since she was a very young little girl, was going to be a bride on Saturday.  A bride.  When she described her wedding dress to me I thought, good choice and throughout the week I had pictured her standing in her parents room, getting ready. Hoping and praying the sun would shine at just the right angle through the windows.  Praying that Cristina would have an amazing wedding day blessed by God.  And praying that He would bless her marriage.  Well Saturday arrived, the rain stopped, the sun shone, my nerves were calmed.  I arrived at Cristina’s parents home.  Walking up the stairs I could hear her getting ready. “Hello” we shouted to each other and I could hear the excitement in her voice.  And then I opened the bedroom door and there she was.  Cristina.  My friend.  A bride.

I wiped away tears.  I looked at the windows where the sunlight was pouring in, a prayer answered, and I knew that God had already blessed her, and would continue to do so.

Here are just a few photos from Simon and Cristina’s wedding.

This is what I was seeing in my head the week before Cristina’s wedding… 🙂 🙂 🙂

I think the photo on the wall in this next image is actually of Cristina’s mom & dad on their wedding day.

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