When people choose you to photograph their day you are not only there to just take photographs, you’re automatically invited to share in their lives, to witness their union and to enjoy their celebration of love. Now, this celebration of love up in the Midlands, at Netherwood was more than that. Yes, we celebrated this couple’s love for each other but we watched as they recommitted themselves to each other and to their family, sincerely and emotionally. Happiness. Understanding. Forgiveness and love. I think it’s wonderful that Lele and Makhonya can come back to each other and still choose the other person. This was definitely a reason to celebrate.
Such a gorgeous day filled with laughter, friends, family, sisters, brothers and love. I felt so very honoured to have been able to capture these moments. I hope you can feel all the joy and and all the love when you look at these photos.
Natural Nostalgia created beautiful magic on the day with such lovely florals and on the day co-ordination.