I knew Maxzene’s wedding at The Orchards in the KZN Midlands was going to be beautiful as she had carefully and loving designed and made so many different things for her wedding. Maxzene and Mat’s wedding was about the two of them, their love of great food, a good party, friends and family whom they care for very much and most of all their love and support for each other. They have had their ups and some downs but their still together laughing and loving through it all. Maxzene you looked stunning and Mat cleaned up well.
Everything ran so smoothly and it was such a pleasure photographing their day thanks to Alexis from Surreal Eventing for over seeing everything. The food was delicious thanks to the Farmer’s Daughter.
Thank you Max & Mat for inviting me to share your magical day with you. Congratulations. I wish you loads more love & laughter.
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