I’m still left with the need to have to pinch myself when looking at these photos from Tanielle & Al’s incredible, romantically beautiful, fun filled day when they said “I do” at The Venue Fontana, in front on friends and family and with the help of OH happy Day, these two were wed, and yes it was not a dream – it was a real. Just girl who loves a guy, and a guy making a promise with a kiss to seal the deal. Sounds like a dream to me!! Now go look at the photos.
I had no expectations, just a few images received from a nervous bride of the type of images she was hoping for. I didn’t know the colour scheme, or what the groom looked like or what the weather forecast was… Everything just happened, everything happened perfectly. The groom was handsome, the son shone and the bride, well she knew she would be married to the man she loved no matter what. This bride, Tanielle, you have so much life and love in you and your caring character is just beautiful and the “Vogueness” you bring when we need it. Just wow!!
With little moments, like a prayer with your mom and bridesmaids before your dress reveal and your mom holding back tears as she hands you your bouquet… With brothers who help dress you with such carefulness and admiration and dance moves that raise the music… and when your dad hugs you during the father daughter dance, and love fills you with emotion.
Thank you Tanielle & Al for allowing me to share in these moments and to witness your love.