Wedding: Jenna & Louis – #itsforshaw at Talloula

Wow wow wow. What can I say about this magical day of Jenna & Louis’ wedding day at Talloula in Botha’s Hill. So many beautiful things to photograph. So many beautiful people to look at. So many strong family relationships and so much love to share in. Talloula is such a wonderful venue, and Glynnis is amazing at what she does – I loved Jenna’s choice in decor and all the little details.


Louis loves Jenna & I loved watching how these two were so into each other, and aware of what makes the other person happy and special. Jenna looked amazing in her Julia Ferrandi wedding dress. I could not stop photographing her! I loved Jenna’s pink lips, her beautiful nails, the stunning peonies, the gold sign #itsforshaw, the fairy lights, the big marquee letters “love” and of course Isle Hire it were there rocking their Photo Booth.


Thank you Jenna & Louis for having me apart of your stunning wedding. Here are a few of my favourite images from Jenna & Louis’s wedding at Talluola.



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  • CLee

    05.08.2015 at 14:45 Reply

    Eileen we have no words! These are just phenomenal! You have captured every moment so perfectly and I couldn’t have asked for anyone better to document my sisters special day! You got my tears flowing all over again! Can we just go back!?!?!? Lots of love CLee xx

    • Eileen

      06.08.2015 at 07:47 Reply

      Thanks CL, I am so appreciative of your comment. Thank you. I am so glad you approve!:) A little stressful photographing a photographer’s sister’s wedding:) xx

  • Jenna Robson

    05.08.2015 at 16:26 Reply

    I agree with CLee – please can we go back and do it all again! Its amazing how you have been able to capture all the emotions from the day in these pictures Eileen, and I am able to relive it all! I love how I have been able to look at the finer details of it all and take it all in again! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!! They are perfect in every way!!

    • Eileen

      06.08.2015 at 07:48 Reply

      Yay – So glad you were able to relive the day through the photos. Thank you for your kind words! xx

  • Dalene Murie

    05.08.2015 at 17:14 Reply

    What stunning photos of Louis and Jenna’s Special Day. We were not able to be at the wedding and these photos have made me feel like I was there. I have also shed some tears (like I always do at weddings). Wonderful photos of very special people XX

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