I had been looking forward to Katherine and Mike’s wedding for ages and I knew it was going to be a treat to photograph. When I arrived at Netherwood and saw the décor I was blown away and goose bumps tingled up my arms when I saw her dress.
Netherwood never disappoints, despite the changes in weather and temperature. I love how each couple create a wedding which reflect their style. Katherine and Mike’s wedding was gorgeous. From every last detail, to the pet cake toppers, to the food to the gold cutlery. Wow and Katherine looked absolutely beautiful.
Here are some of my favouirte images from Katherine and Mike’s beautiful wedding at Newtherwood in the KZN Midlands.
Thank you to Kim, from Natural Nostalgia for the flowers and décor and wedding co-ordination.
Cake: Love & Laughter Wedding Cakes
Food: Margie Harel
Video: Oliver Twist
Stationery: Ruby & Swallow
DJ: Sound mechanic
Hair: Hairitage Hair Salon
Make Up: Lara Gwynne
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