Wedding: Kristel & Waylon, The Bend, Kzn Midlands

It was freezing cold on the morning of Kristel & Waylon’s wedding day, up in the Midlands at The Bend. The skies were blue and this bride was the happiest bride I have ever seen. Really, the HAPPIEST bride ever. I just loved Kristel’s smile and the way she laughed but most of all her genuine care and concern about other people around her.


Waylon loves Kristel and this was so obvious. Just watching these two and how they look at each other made me so excited to document their day that I forgot about how cold it actually was. Everything ran according to the schedule, stress free and relaxed. Chantel, Kristel’s sister is also a wedding photographer so she know’s what it’s like to work a 10 hour day and she really looked after us. Thank you Chantel!


Kristel and Waylon, thank you for choosing me to photograph your wedding day. I thoroughly enjoyed sharing the day with you. I hope these photos bring back all the warmth and fuzziness, all the laughs, all the memories. Most of all, I hope they remind you of your love for each other. Here are some of my favourite images from Kristel & Waylon’s wedding at The Bend.


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  • Chantel Oosterberg

    31.07.2015 at 16:32 Reply

    Beautiful, thank you Eileen, these are magical.


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